June 2, 1977 Edit

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  1. "Burnin' And Lootin'"
  2. "Concrete Jungle"
  3. "I Shot The Sheriff"
  4. "Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)"
  5. "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)"
  6. "War" -> "No More Trouble"
  7. "No Woman, No Cry"
  8. "Positive Vibration"
  9. "Get Up, Stand Up"
  10. "Exodus"

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  • the SBD version sounds good, but the vocals are almost turned off, so it's almost only instrumental.
  • rare 1977 performance of "Concrete Jungle".
  • the date is not confirmed, but the show usually circulates by this date.
  • the show was most likely filmed on video, as probably were all Rainbow 1977 dates.

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