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  1. "Zimbabwe"
  2. "Natty Dread"
  3. "I Shot The Sheriff"
  4. "No Woman, No Cry"
  5. "Talkin' Blues"
  6. "We And Them"
  7. "Lively Up Yourself"
  8. "Jammin'"
  9. "Exodus"
  10. "Redemption Song"
  11. "War" -> "No More Trouble"
  12. "Kinky Reggae"
  13. "Get Up, Stand Up"

Introductions Edit

  • "Yeah, it's good! You know, one vibration in a positive way. Rastafari live itinually! Yes, children, yes!" - Marley before "I Shot The Sheriff"
  • "Yes, it feels very good to be here!" - Marley before "Talkin' Blues"
  • "Yeah, and this is something new from the Uprising. You know, we no know how we and them a go work it out!" - Marley before "We And Them"
  • "Yeah! Yes, this one is called: Old pirates yes they rob I, sold I to the merchant ships, minutes after they took I from the bottomless pit." - Marley before "Redemption Song"
  • "Yes, it feels good! Yeah!" - Marley before "War"
  • "Yeah! That's why I've got to say: Get up and stand up for your rights, and don't you have a give up the fight! Whoa!" - Marley before "Get Up, Stand Up"

Trivia Edit

  • first show of the Uprising Tour.
  • first and only show in Switzerland.
  • a previously uncirculated recording that surfaced in December 2013.
  • encore break after "Exodus".
  • rare live and first performance ever of "We And Them".
  • rare 1980 live performance of "Talkin' Blues".
  • first performance ever of "Redemption Song".
  • the beginning of the show is missing, most likely the songs "Natural Mystic", "Positive Vibration" and "Revolution".
  • a short portion of "War" is cut.

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