Bob Marley Wiki

What is Bob Marley Wiki?[]

This Wiki is about the Jamaican reggae musician Robert Nesta Marley. We are collecting info about his biography, about his whole music (songs, albums, videos, demos, live shows), his views and visions, his band (The Wailers) and all other people related to him.

It is also a database where we are creating articles about tour lists, recordings, tutorials for new traders and/or new fans, explanations of traders terms like SBD, AUD, EAC, FLAC, etc., links to software useful for traders, pages about every concert performed (and also about cancelled shows of course), with venue info, band lineup, special guests, setlists, recording info, maybe samples, links to concert reviews and photos, etc.

Furthermore we are collecting informations about Marley and related topics (including Marley's children, his former bandmates (Tosh, Wailer), all Wailers band members, etc.

Our goal is to provide as much info about Marley as possible. We hope to win as many fans and trader as possible for our project in order to make it a success for everyone interested in Bob Marley.