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  • same info as original, shorter edit of the song, runs 3:38 min.
  • released on USA 7" single (in stereo on a-side, mono on b-side).
  • unreleased on CD.

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  • different other mixes exist as well, but are all unreleased.

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  • Bob used some lines from his very first single, "Judge Not," in this song.
  • it is said that he wrote this song on a plane back home from Brazil, because he liked the vibe there and people were really crazy about him. Other sources say he wrote this song as a response to the poverty, oppression, and lack of education he saw around him.
  • although "Could You Be Loved?" was released as the first single of Uprising, it was together with "Redemption Song" the latest addition to the almost finished album.
  • this song's production clearly shows the intention to appeal to a broad range of people, especially the disco scene at that time. Still, the message remains typically Bob.
  • Damian Marley says about this song: "I don't think he ever went further away from traditional reggae than with this song. My father was far ahead of his time."

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