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  • same info as the original version, different mix and 7:24 min long
  • originally released as a single in the UK, early 1977
  • cd release on Songs Of Freedom (1992)

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instrumental version Edit

  • same info as original version, just a shorter instrumental mix (3:08 min)
  • originally released as B-side to the 7" singles
  • cd release on Exodus (Deluxe Edition, 2002)

1984 Thorngren remix version Edit

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  • this was probably the very first song the Wailers recorded after they arrived in London in January 1977.
  • this was also the first Bob Marley & The Wailers song to be released on both 7" and the new 12".
  • when writing and composing this song, Bob and Familyman were inspired by the Ernest Gold sound track, the theme from the movie "Exodus".

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